Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real? Why do you have money for me?
We get this question a lot. Let us reassure you that Yes, this is real, we are a real business and you may be owed real money. If you have received a letter from us and you are the person addressed and you have a connection to the included address then you are entitled to claim this money.

What is this money owed to me and where has it come from?
As we indicate in our letters to you, the payment can range from un-presented cheques to Insurance Rebates and Company Acquisitions. Privacy principals prevent us from disclosing the ACTUAL source or origin of the entitlement until such time that we can confirm that you are the owner of the money.

How did you locate me at my new address?
Our experienced Skip Tracers use publicly available databases and utilise mirroring cross-referencing tools to locate individuals and corporations although publicly available, most of the databases we use require subscriptions annually or monthly. No information is obtained prohibited by the privacy laws.

Could this money be from a Deceased loved one?
Absolutely. Each year we return money from Deceased Estates to relatives and friends that were not even aware it existed.

Do I have to pay fees to have the money returned?
You can either pay a small fee up front and we will release all of the information which we hold on this money so that you can claim it directly. Alternatively we can handle all of the paperwork for an agreed fee.

Why do you charge a fee and how is it paid to you?
The fee covers all of our associated costs in having located you; processing the file and returning the payment to you.

Does all money that is paid to you go into a Trust Account?
Yes it does, for your protection and ours.

What does "Certified Documents" mean?
This means that the original document that you have now provided must have a stamp on that photocopy stating that it is a “True and Correct copy of the original” signed by a Justice of the Peace; Police Officer; Pharmacist e.t.c. Without certified photocopies your file will not proceed to the next stages of recovery. (Contact our office if you do not understand how to certify a photocopied document).

What if I cannot get a copy of a document that you require?
Please call our office to advise us, often we can suggest an alternative or a path to get that document that you may not have thought about.

If I get another letter from another Company about the same money you are notifying me about, what should I do?
Call our office and speak with the operations manager as we are always willing to beat any price from our competitors and will outline the reasons why you should choose our services as opposed to theirs.